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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your Shipping or Delivery Policy?

We currently deliver our products within 1-2 days from purchase Please be mindful of this when placing your order. We also offer pickup options.

How long do your diffusers last?

Our 135ml diffusers will last up to 4-7 weeks in an average space.

How do you set up the diffuser?

Unscrew the cap remove seal insert and screw back on. Then your reed sticks into diffuser bottle. Ensure bottle is placed on a stable surface to prevent accidental spillage. Do not place polished painted or plastic surface. Wipe in case of wash hands after handling.

How do you increase or reduce the diffuser strength?

You can adjust the strength of the scent by adding or removing reeds. For a stronger scent, increase the number of reeds and for a subtle scent, remove reeds. You can refresh the scent by flipping the reeds once a week or as required.

How often should I flip the reeds?

You can flip the reeds whenever you notice the scent fading or whenever you need a fresh burst of the scent. Ideally, once a week should be fine.

Can I reuse my reeds for another scent?

No. Once reeds are saturated with a specific scent, it shouldn’t be used for another scent as both the scents would mix and diffuse a scent that you may not like.

How often should I replace reeds?

Once the reeds are completed saturated after extended use, or if the channels in the reeds are clogged due to dust, you can replace them with new reeds. It will start diffusing the scent instantly.

Can I buy it online?

Yes. You can purchase here in our online shop. Just head over to the Products section.

Can I get your products in a shop in Maldives?

Yes. Our products are stocked at Authentic Maldives shop located at the Velana International Airport's International Departures terminal. They are also available at Island Bazaar and Toddy outlet in Male’ City. 

Where are your products made?

All of our scents are created here in Maldives. Our reed diffusers are blended and poured here in Maldives. Our hand creams are formulated in an overseas laboratory, according to our specifications.

Are your products organic?

Our hand creams are formulated with organic ingredients and our diffusers are fragranced with organic essential oils.

Do you use synthetic fragrances in your skincare products?

No. We use only 100% pure essential oils to fragrance our skincare products.

How can the scented beads be used?

Our scented beads are multi purpose fragrance diffusing beads. They can be used to scent wardrobes or drawers, as a car diffuser or to warm in an oil burner or electrical warmer in order to diffuse the scent into a room.

Do the scented beads melt when warmed in an oil burner?

No. It will not melt. When warmed, the beads will slowly diffuse the fragrance.

How long will the scent last on the scented beads?

Depends on usage. If used on a warmer, the scent will last approximately 10-12hrs if diffused at the burn cycle of 1-2 hours. We do not recommend warming the beads for longer than 1-2hrs. If used in your wardrobe or car, it will last up to 3-6 weeks.

How do I use the beads in an oil burner or warmer?

Simply add the beads on to your burner and light up a tea light candle and slowly warm the beads. If using an electric warmer, just add the beads and turn on the warmer.

For how long do I have to warm the beads?

We recommend maximum 1-2hrs of burning cycles. Once the scent fills the room, you can turn off the warmer. The beads will continue diffusing scent. Depending on the size of the room, scent will fill the room in 20-30mins.

Can I adjust strength of the fragrance of scented beads?

Yes, just add or remove the beads as per your preference.