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Rose & Vetiver

Scented Beads Refill


Top up your scented beads with our Rose & Vetiver Scented Beads Refill. 

Whether you use the beads in burners or hang them in their sachets, our refill bottles will let you top up the scent whenever you feel like the scent is fading or when you need a fresh hit. 

This multi functional product can also be used as a burner oil. 

Rose & Vetiver takes you back in time to the age-old Maldivian tradition of scenting wardrobes with dried vetiver roots.

The earthy notes of harvested and dried vetiver, blended with the sophisticated and sweet Maldivian pink rose makes for a luxurious scent perfect for unwinding at dusk.

A balance of earthy and floral notes, the blend is calming and relaxing.

For topping up scented beads in sachet or in burner: Add a few drops to cover the beads.


For use in oil burners on its own: Fill your oil burner with some water and add a few drops of oil from our refill bottle. Light up a candle or start up your warmer.