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Ways to Scent your Space

Ways to Scent your Space

Using home fragrance in your space has a ton of benefits. Home fragrance not only contributes to our wellbeing but also ensures that you or any guests walk into a well fragranced and welcoming home. The right scent or fragrance option can help you create an ambience and elevate your living spaces.

So what’s the best way to fragrance your home?

It depends on what function the fragrance is fulfilling. We've listed down some options below.


For when you need a quick fragrance fill.


1. Candles

The most popular option with most people, candles will easily fill up your home with scents, while also creating cozy ambience due to its warm orange glows.

Candles however require some maintenance and looking after. We would recommend burning one in rooms where you are spending some time in. Think spaces like living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms (or when you’re taking that long shower, have one in your bathroom 😉 )


2. Room Sprays

When you need a quick fix to freshen up a space, room sprays are your go to option. A little spritz of these will infuse the scent with your household fabrics.

Here are some ways to use them in your homes:

  • 1. Give your bedding a few spritzes to keep it fresh. Spraying your favourite fragrance just before you sleep will help transform the ambience of your bedroom into a relaxing space for you.

  • 2. Spray your throw pillows, rugs and curtains. The fabrics tend to hold on to the scent for longer, ensuring that you get the most out of your spray. For instance, you will get an instant hit of the scent from the moment you walk into a room, step on a rug, or sit on your sofa.

  • 3. Spritz your bathrooms and living rooms to have some lingering scent when your guests arrive. Even if you have an open plan apartment, this will help mask the smell of cooking in your living areas.


      3. Scented Beads  (in burners or warmers)

      One of our more hassle-free fragrance options, all you need for this is a burner or a warmer. Place the beads in the burner to have your space filled with the fragrance in a few minutes. They give off excellent heat throw and a stronger scent when slightly warmed. These small but mighty beads are perfect for your bedrooms and living rooms.

      The beads come pre-fragranced with our scent blends and require no additional oils. They also do not melt, ensuring the cleanup is not a hassle for you.

      Ps - The ceramic burner pictured here is now available on our store. Buy it here. 


      For when you need lingering & subtle fragrance.


      1. Reed Diffusers

      With a reed diffuser, you will walk into a home that is always fragranced well. Acting as both an interior piece and a home fragrance vessel, reed diffusers are continuously diffusing subtle fragrance wherever it is placed in.

      We recommend this flame-free option to be used in spaces like your entryways, bathrooms and bedrooms. It’ll take some experimentation to figure out which location in your space ensures maximum diffusion, but once you do, all you need to do is set it up and forget about it. Whenever you need to get a fresh release of the scent, just flip the reeds.


      2. Scented Beads

      Our scented beads are a versatile product that you can use to fragrance your closets and smaller spaces. We all have some clothing that sit in our closets only to be taken out for special occasions. By hanging these beads in your closet, or slipping the sachet between your folded clothes, you can say bye bye to that musty damp closet smell.

      These hassle free beads are a wonderfully easy way to slowly release fragrance in your closet - with little to no action on your part. The subtle fragrance will keep your closet smelling fresh when you finally take them out.

      Ps - we’re also big fans of carrying these sachets in our suitcase when we travel. They’re a great way to make sure that your clothes don’t catch the musty smell from the hotel or Airbnb closet.


      Think functional fragrance.

      When choosing a home fragrance product, we advice you to consider its functionality and how it fits into your fragrance needs. The right combination of home fragrance products can help make sure you come home to a familiar scent, making it feel even more like home.


      Shop our collection of home fragrance products here.

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